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The essential active ingredients & what they do for the skin:


Live Cell Complex - Most powerful antioxidants resulting in less damage to skin over time

Ceramides - Ceramides are the glue that hold the cell structure intact.  Protects from moisture loss


Cold Pressed Botanical Extracts - Cold pressed & raw rich in bio active antioxidants


Hyaluronic Acid - Helps drive moisture deeper into the layers of the skin

CoQ10 - Super antioxidant 


DMAE (Deanol) - Muscle toning & firming agent

Niacinamide - Vitamin B-3 strengthens the skin, shrinks pores, evens skin tone,

Argireline - Chain Amino Acids, inhibits the movement of facial muscles reducing wrinkles

Matrixyl 3000 -  Consists of palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl oligopeptide, which helps the cells communicate to build stronger elastin and collagen.

Squalane - Natural Antioxidant and moisturizer.


Copper Peptides - Improves elasticity, firmness, and thickness while reducing wrinkles,

hyper-pigmentation, and photo-damage


Retinol (Vitamin A) - Increases cellular generation


Natural Exfoliants, Alpha & Beta-Hydroxy Acids and Natural Enzymes - Exfoliates


Sodium PCA - Binds moisture to the cells, plumps skin


Hyaluronic Complex - Helps maintain moisture balance in skin


Amino Acids - Strengthens connective tissue


Hydroplex - Moisturizing complex


Peptides - Stimulates collagen production


RNA & DNA - Carries oxygen to the cells, necessary for protein development


Hexapeptide 3 - Tightens connective tissue for firmer skin


Marine Extracts -  Provides pure minerals and trace elements important for proper cell function



C -   Antioxidant and retards the skins' ability to form dark spots

A -   Increases cellular regeneration & exfoliates

B5 - Aids in moisture retention & anti-inflammatory

B6 - Aids in cell metabolism and oxygenation of cells

D3 - Aids in healthy cell formation

E -   Antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals that cause premature aging

F -   Fatty acid helps keep skin supple

H -  Strengthens nails, hair & skin

K -  Strengthens protein bonds in the skin

Herbs & Extracts

Natural & Essential Oils


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