BRS Progressive Peel
Lightens Melasma & Dark Spots
Please allow up to 14 days for delivery of this product. This product is produced in small batches for higher efficacy and fresher product.

BRS Progressive Peel Kit / All skin types


Apply the BRS Progressive Peel 1x weekly for the time recommended by your skin care therapist. Use Whitening Elixir every day and night along with your other BRS skin care products. Instructions for pad usage:


Step 1: After cleansing with appropriate BRS facial cleanser prep the skin with 90% Alcohol applied o a cotton pad. Wipe cotton over face, do this twice and let face dry.


Step 2:  Poor just enough peel into the cup (provided in your order) to cover the bottom of the cup.  Use one of the 2x2 cotton squares (provided in your order) to soak up the peel.  Apply to your entire face, starting at the chin and working up to the forehead. Keep product away from lash line, can be used under eyes. Wipe with light even pressure. Do not rub back and forth or pass over same area more than once. A little overlapping is fine, don't worry.


Step 3: Apply nothing else and leave on overnight. Do not rinse.  In the morning resume your regular cleansing routine plus add the Whitening Elixir to your morning and night routine. Use 1-2 pumps of the Whitening Elixir in the morning with your Vitamin-C Antioxidant Elixir and do the same at night with your Glycolic or Retinal Products. You may pump the Whitening Elixir into the palm of your hand along with the Vitamin-C Antioxidant Elixir then apply all at once to your face, no need for 2 steps. Same at night with your Glycolic or Retinol. Use the Luminous White Skin Bleaching Cream every night for added lightening (Luminous White sold seperately).  Full instructions are included in your order.