This is a service, please do not purchasae your services online unless instructed to do so after asking Cathy or Janet which treatment is best for you. These services  are offered to purchase online so clients can buy in advance of their visit or to use their phone to pay for their service if using a credit card is not preferred during Covid-19.  Tips cannot be left online, but cash works :-)



Do not use the 10% Off Code for service purchases.  If you would like to purchase products & services please place 2 seperate orders.  If you apply the code to services your card will be charged back, plus a penalty, becasue BRS will be charged a fee to reverse it. 

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Non-Invasive Facelift


The usual price for this service is $170.00  It has been reduced by $9.50 to $160.50 which will make the shipping charge, you will see in your cart, a wash.

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