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Back Bar Product or Retail Sales


When ordering this product please consider it will take 7-10 days to arrive.  Plan your inventory accordingly.


1oz amber glass bottle of Mandelic Peel Solution with dropper style lid

1oz amber glass bottle of BRS Whitening Elixir


Progressive Peel Kit / Back-Bar / Retail


This kit contains both the peel solution and the whitening elixir needed.  This peel is applied once a week.  



You have 2 choices when applying your peel



1. Apply 1 night weekly for 8-12 weeks



2.  Apply 2 nights in a row every other week to complete 8-12 applications.




Follow directions below.  It is recommended to use the Beautiful Radiant Skin Luminous White Skin Bleaching Cream every night to help with lightening, along with the use of the peel and the Whitening Elixir.  Pick a day of the week to apply your peel, best to apply at night before bed.



Step 1 - After cleansing with the appropriate BRS facial cleanser you will need to prep your skin for the application of the peel by wiping your skin down with 70% or 90% Alcohol, (this item is not included in your purchase.  You can buy it at most any store).  Do this twice, after cleansing, let dry.  This step will ensure the peel absorbs evenly.



Step 2 - Dispense just enough peel into the plastic cup to cover the bottom of the cup. Roughly between 2-3 droppers.  Tightly replace the lid on the peel bottle to avoid spilling and to maintain the integrity of the product.  Soak a cotton square in the peel then squeeze out the excess liquid so it does not drip.  You want it wet, but not dripping.



Step 3 -  Start applying on the chin and work up the face.  This is to protect any possible dripping near your eyes.  Wipe with even pressure working your way up to your forehead.  If you need to re-dip into the cup of liquid peel that's fine.  Avoid use directly under the eye, keep it on or below the orbital bone.



 DO NOT APPLY TO EYELIDS!!!!  Don't worry if you overlap, it's okay with this peel to overlap a bit.  This is one of the reasons it's so great for home use by non-professionals.



Step 4 - That's it, you're done.  No rinsing, and no other products are needed yet.  Go to bed with nothing else on your face.



Step 5 - In the morning return to your regular routine except you will add the use of the Whitening Elixir every morning and every night.  Use 1 pump of the Whitening Elixir in the morning with your Vitamin-C Elixir.  You can even apply them both at the same time, it doesn't matter.   At night you will use the Whitening Elixir with your Glycolic or Retinol products, followed by the Luminous White Skin Bleaching Cream as your night time moisturizer during the peeling phase.  If you feel dry you may use your night time moisturizer as well, if needed.                                             




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